Samantha Bee Wants Us to Get Back to Work

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  • Samantha Bee gave us a recap of election day, and some advice about how we are going to move forward.



  • So Tuesday was rough. So was Wednesday, but we are going to have to pick ourselves up off of the floor sooner or later, according to Miss Samantha Bee.

    Last week, she treated us to this lovely Trump Insult Thesaurus. What a simpler time.

    In her latest episode of Full Frontal, Bee wore a sparkling purple blazer that she said “sparkled ironically” in the wake of this week’s political news.

    In this episode’s segment, Bee gave a special shout out to her writing staff, who have been praised as the most diverse staff in late night television. They shared their reactions to election of President Donald Trump and what it means to be a person of color right now for them.

  • Here’s the full video.

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  • When she finally touched on the topic of “who to blame” for Trump’s surprise win (the media certainly did not predict it), Bee turned to an unlikely group of people: white women. According to The New York Times, more than half of the white women who voted on Tuesday cast their ballot for Donald J. Trump. The group nobody predicted would be a problematic demographic totally was one.

    We’ve got a long ways to go, ladies. With only a few months left before Trump’s inauguration, our nation seems to have our work cut out for us.

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