The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is Getting Its Superheroes Right

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  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe stretches across many films and TV shows. But the way the superheroes look is now getting an exploration from YouTube channel Looper. This examination comes after Marvel’s biggest design and costuming film yet — Doctor Strange.

    Looper looks into costumed heroes (and villains) to examine how Marvel has changed their looks from the comic books to the screen. These Marvel figures include the Punisher, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Elektra, Kilgrave, The Owl, Thanos, and Loki. All of them have faced major changes in the transition from comic books to reality (represented in television and movies).

    For example, gone is Luke Cage’s yellow unbuttoned shirt and tight pants, replaced with baggy clothing and a hoodie to represent Trayvon Martin. Gone is Loki’s spandex, instead replaced with dull colors and more realistic wear. Kilgrave is not purple – now able to blend into society – and neither is Thanos (remember his blue skin from Guardians of the Galaxy).

    Looper posits that all of these changes make sense. Marvel doesn’t want their characters looking too “cartoonish”.

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