Your Favorite ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Characters Are Back on ‘SNL’

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  • Leading up to Election Day, Saturday Night Live pulled out all the stops. Their Trump/Clinton impressions were a hit, and they, like many of us, probably did not think that Trump would win the election.

    In true SNL fashion, however, the show took it upon itself to make sure America had a chance to laugh and forget about the election results for a bit with the help of legendary comedian Dave Chappelle.

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  • Fans of Dave Chappelle were thrilled at the news he would be set to host SNL’s first post-election show, but were curious as to whether or not Dave would revive some of their favorite Chappelle’s Show characters.

    Well, we asked and hoped, and Dave definitely delivered.

    In a Walking Dead inspired sketch, Chappelle took on the role of Negan — more specifically, in the scene where he kills *SPOILER ALERT FOR SOMETHING YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN BY NOW* Glenn.

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  • Just like The Walking Dead, Chappelle (Negan) is shown pacing in front of his victims… who just happen to be Tyrone Biggums, two pimps from the Player Haters Ball, Chuck Taylor, Lil Jon, and Clayton Bigsby.

    In choosing his victim, Negan sings, “Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?”

    I hate to spoil the outcome for you, but Negan ultimately chooses Tyrone Biggums. After Negan knocks off his head, Tyrone still survives and turns to the audience to give somewhat of an inspirational speech regarding the recent election results.

    Not only were fans excited at the Walking Dead reference, they absolutely loved Chappelle’s return to SNL. Here are some of our favorite Twitter reactions to last night’s episode:

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  • Is this response enough to get Dave Chappelle to return with his own show again? I sure hope it is. Everyone clearly misses you and your humor, Dave!

    What did you think of the sketch? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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