Conan Plays “Epic Blue-Ball Waste of Time” ‘Final Fantasy XV’

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  • See that image above? That’s the look of a man defeated. Conan O’Brien has played a lot of games on his show — including Overwatch with the Game of Thrones cast — to the point that the moniker “Clueless Gamer” barely applies anymore. But the most recent episode of his hit series seems to have completely broken him.

    Final Fantasy XV is a game that’s been in development for a whole freaking decade. It’s one of the most hyped, anticipated games ever. After a few missteps in the Final Fantasy series, developers Square Enix have promised gamers the moon and more. Trailers have promised an action-packed, open-world game that upholds the proud tradition of the great earlier games in the series, like VI-X.

    So does it live up to the hype? See Conan’s gameplay review here:

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  • That’s pretty freaking scathing. Not even Elijah Wood can cheer up poor Conan. Notable quotes include:

    (screaming) “Why would someone play this?!”

    “I don’t know what we achieved. I don’t know what we were trying to achieve. I have no sense of satisfaction.”

    “This whole thing, it’s like an epic blue-ball waste of time.”

    Be sure to stay tuned until the end, when Conan has a hilarious confrontation with some of the game’s staff. I can’t blame him — any game where the most exciting action is pushing around a car and talking about a dress is bound to disappoint anyone. (Including me. I was going to buy a PS4 so I could play this game. Not anymore.)

    What do you think? Are you still going to buy FFXV? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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