The ultra-long-running animated sitcom referenced their 2000 prediction of a Trump Presidency in a recent episode.

  • In a move that few predicted (not including Kurt Cobain, who was the victim of a hoax claiming he endorsed Trump in ’93), Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. Did I say “few” predicted? That “few” includes The Simpsons.

    Plenty of people pointed out that the seemingly eternal animated show predicted that Trump would one day be President all the way back in 2000.

    Here’s a clip of the the season 11 episode Bart to the Future (though, heads up, it’s not an officially licensed clip, so it might get taken down):

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  • Yup, there it is. President Trump. A throwaway joke became our country’s future. Hoo boy.

    After Trump’s election last Tuesday, the Simpsons team figured they had to make a reference to their prediction. And reference it they did, with this memorable chalkboard gag. Here’s the tweet from The Simpsons’ Twitter with that clip from this week’s episode:

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  • You’re right, Simpsons writers and animators. Being right does suck in this case. Almost as hard as life is going to suck for everyone unlucky enough to be born without a white penis and a trust fund.

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