See How South Park Records Baby Ike’s Lines

By Shepard Price
*spoilers* It's getting children to say bad words.
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  • South Park is coming up on the finale of its 20th season. Last week, after the election, the team behind the show had to rewrite the most recent episode. Titled “Oh, Jeez”, the episode handles the surprise that was the Trump/Mr. Garrison presidency. (The original episode was called “The Very First Gentleman”, and dealt with the widely-anticipated Hillary Clinton presidency.) The Trump campaign is something South Park has tackled since the premiere of this season.

    Knowing that they had to re-complete an episode in less than 24 hours, the team had to re-do major portions of the episode. That includes lines from Ike Broflovski, the youngest character in South Park. To record Ike, Trey Parker is shown persuading his daughter Betty to say lines. Betty’s roughly Ike’s age, so the voicing makes sense. The show has run for 20 years, which means they’ve had other children do this, too.

    But it’s what Trey Parker is having his daughter say that is really special. It’s a reminder of one of the best internet videos perhaps ever, The Landlord. In it, Will Ferrell is doing the same thing with his daughter. Watch that below:

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