David Blaine Blows Away a Room Full of Celebrities

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  • David Blaine is a magician perhaps best known now for showing magic tricks to celebrities. He used to do amazing stunts like making statues and pyramids disappear. Now, he shows off to rooms full of impressive people.

    This time, the room included Steph Curry, Jimmy Butler, Dave Chappelle, and Drake. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang out in that room? Blaine’s trick seems simple enough, but watch his hands – the telltale sign of magic – and I really can’t see what he’s doing or how he’s doing it. Which is all the more impressive.

    The trick starts out simple. He has Chappelle draw an animal that fits into his hand. (No, Dave, not Meek Mill.) Chappelle draws a frog. Who planted the idea of a frog in his mind you may never know (oh without a doubt Blaine did), but it’s there. Then the magic starts working, as Blaine starts literally vomiting frogs.

    And he’s doing it into the celebrities’ champagne glasses. Like, those are straight up living frogs coming out of Blaine. How? But more importantly: Why?

    Bonus: We can’t help but be reminded of one of the greatest viral videos of all time, which also happens to be about people reacting to David Blaine. Here’s that classic video for your revisiting pleasure:

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