Calm Down, Haters: ‘Super Mario Run’ Looks Pretty Cool

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  • Super Mario Run is the new Nintendo mobile game, their first ever. (Nintendo didn’t actually develop Pokémon Go.) It’s a platform runner where Mario collects coins as he bounds his way towards Bowser. Now, Nintendo has released their first trailer for the Mario app game.

    The trailer showcases multiple game modes. That includes multi-player option Toad Rally, where your Mario battles against the opponent’s Paper Mario. It also includes single player, where you must avoid Paratroopas, Koopas, and Goombas. As you pass levels, you get closer to big bad Bowser.

    Mario runs automatically, which means the player must worry about jumps and ledge bouncing. It’s a fast-paced update to the familiar Mario format — kind of like an automatic Mario speed run for casual players.

    This is one of a few Nintendo mobile apps that are in the planning or development stages. There is also a chance for an Animal Crossing app, so if Mario doesn’t excite you, perhaps that one will. Nintendo has finally climbed aboard the mobile bandwagon, and it appears to be a strong financial investment for the company.

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