Animal Friendships Can’t Save Us All but Damn It They’re Going to Try

Worry no more (but actually very much still worry), animal friends are here.
By Shepard Price
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  • Need a break from the end of the world? Want something cute to comfort you? Well, look no further, dear reader, because have we the story for you. This polar bear and dog are friends. Ah, animal friendships, the one true squad goal.

    In the video, a big ol’ polar bear is seen petting a dog. The adorable puppy looks to be either a huskie or a malamute or a combination of breeds. The polar bear looks to be a polar bear. They’re here to save the world, or at least try to. And right now, that’s what we need.

    The polar bear is being as gentle as it can in petting the dog. The dog moves to get closer to the polar bear so the two can continue hanging out. It’s… perfect.

    Want more animal friendships? Let this Australian guy tell you about them:

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