Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL to Play an Unprepared President-Elect

Will Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) make good on his campaign promises?
By Alejandra Moedano

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  • The only pro to Trump’s America so far seems to be Alec Baldwin getting to reprise his role as the President-elect on SNL.

    Baldwin returned to the SNL stage last night for the first time post-election, and looked rather nervous and confused. Was Trump all talk throughout his campaign, or will he uphold his promises? Let’s find out.

    Throughout the sketch we see a frightened Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) usher in a number of guests to talk strategy with Trump, including Mitt Romney and Mike Pence.

    While all of Trump’s guests express great excitement for his campaign promises, the president finds himself in a panic. So, what does Trump do? He resorts to Google and Siri to figure out what ISIS is and how he might be able to kill it.

    One of my favorite moments from the sketch has to be when Mitt Romney is invited in to speak with Trump. The two greet each other, but just when you think they might start talking… they don’t. Instead, they share a long moment of silence while continuing to shake hands to which Romney says, “this isn’t going to work is it?” Doesn’t look like it, my friend.

    Clearly flustered by his borderline ridiculous campaign promises, Trump relies on his right-hand man, Mike Pence. In fact, Pence assures Trump that, “yes… [he] will do everything.”

    While audiences generally received the sketch well, Trump had some things to say about SNL and Baldwin’s impression.

    *cue the Twitter drama*


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