The popular YouTuber is moving on to bigger and better things.
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  • UPDATE: We made our own dang video about this, one of YouTube’s biggest stories of 2016. Check out our host Alex Farnham’s take above, and read on for the original story…

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  • Vlogging has burned out yet another YouTube creator. Like Prank vs. Prank and the Shaytards, Casey Neistat is no longer fond of the ‘hobby.’ Though he doesn’t plan on quitting YouTube altogether, vlogging is definitely out of the picture.

    His reasoning? It was too easy.

    Casey has been a filmmaker since the beginning. In fact, when he got his start on YouTube, he wasn’t vlogging – the vlogs started on his 34th birthday. At the time Casey had a lot going on his life, and found himself not spending enough time making movies. So, he decided to “make a movie everyday… for awhile anyways… or until [he] got bored.” You can check out how it all got started here.

    Casey definitely kept his promise. For over a year, his daily vlogs included production elements that set him apart from the rest. He wasn’t just another daily vlogger, he was the GOAT.

    “It’s time to embrace a new opportunity, it’s time to try something else because the success of this vlog has not satisfied my appetite, it’s only made me more hungry.”.

    This definitely isn’t the end of Casey Neistat, though… just a little switch up that many creators go through. After all, it’s important they stay creatively motivated in order to produce the content that so many of us enjoy.

    Since posting the announcement video, fans and fellow YouTube creators have shown their support for Casey on Twitter. Though some are sad that the vlogs will be no more, they’re equally excited to see what the talented filmmaker does next.

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