Gigi Hadid Performs Spot-on Melania Trump Impression at the AMAs

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  • Co-hosts Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharoah wasted absolutely no time before talking about the recent presidential election at the 2016 American Music Awards.

    Trump’s victory alone was enough to get people to forget about Melania Trump’s big plagiarism ordeal, but… Gigi Hadid just had to bring it up again.

    Although I feel like it might have been a bit too soon to poke fun at recent political events, the crowd sure did seem to enjoy Gigi Hadid’s Melania Trump impression.

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  • Gigi got everything from the pout to the accent down while poking fun at Melania’s ultimate fail to be original.

    “I love my husband, President Barack Obama, and our children, Sasha and Malia.”

    Co-host Jay Pharoah didn’t skip a bit either. He followed with his best Trump impression throwing around some of Trump’s most amusing adjectives like “bigly.” Between the two, Gigi definitely took the cake in the battle of Trump family impressions.

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