‘Bee Movie’ but Every Time They Say the Word “Bee” It Speeds Up

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  • Ever think “what I need in these dark times is just the most ridiculous thing I can think of”? Well, go more ridiculous. That’s what we’ve got for you today. Get ready cause it’s coming at you, ready or not. It’s more likely not. This has to do with bees but will not be nearly as rational as Sam Bee.

    You see, in 2007, Jerry Seinfeld released something called Bee Movie. It’s not a terrible movie, but it’s not great. It has actually become an internet meme. People take Bee Movie and write out the script (with nonsensical emoji) or do things like this:

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  • This is the sped up version of Bee Movie. See, every time a character in the film says the word “Bee” (which is too many times), the film speeds up. Eventually, the vast majority of the film happens in a very short span. All coherent thought is gone from the video by the 3:30 mark, yet it just. Keeps. Going.

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