This Candy Thanksgiving Meal Has 41,000 Freaking Calories

And a 20-pound gummy turkey.
By Shepard Price
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  • Vat19 is a YouTube merchandise seller. Specifically, they specialize in magnetic things and large gummies. Now, they’ve thrown together a Thanksgiving feast — and racked up 41,000 calories in the process. Across seven people. If they were to finish that meal (they don’t) that’s nearly 6,000 calories per person. Only Michael Phelps eats that much.

    Seriously though. 41,000 calories of just pure sugar. Watch them put together that dinner and it’s just watching people kill their teeth. They gotta brush well after that meal. Otherwise their dentists will have a far greater Thanksgiving.

    As a fan of candy, this turns even me off. It’s too much. That turkey weighs 20 pounds and contains 25,000 calories. You couldn’t pay me to touch it. I love pumpkin pie and I’m not going near the soda or the lollipops. I’m not even considering the fluff, Twizzlers, and jelly beans casserole.

    Thanksgiving is a great holiday. Probably the best. But I’ll stick to my actual turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, thank you very much.

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