Mary and Larry Tinson celebrated Thanksgiving the right way.
  • While most of us were eating entirely too much on Thanksgiving, this Georgia couple was getting married. Now, I know that doesn’t sound completely out of the ordinary, but it was. Like most marriages that go viral, Mary and Larry Tinson also have quite the love story. Here’s how it all happened.

    2012: Mary and Larry reunite at Harvey’s Supermarket doing some last minute Thanksgiving shopping. Larry was looking for cranberry sauce, and ultimately found his future wife.

    2016: Mary and Larry seal the deal at that same Harvey’s Supermarket.

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  • It’s a love story for the ages. I mean, I’ve always heard of people proposing to their significant other at places dear to them, but the Tinson’s certainly upped the ante with their wedding venue.

    This love story just sparks so many questions for me – did they get married in a certain aisle? Did they have the ceremony and reception in the grocery store? How many guests did they have? I mean, a grocery story is only so big…

    Either way, congratulations is in order for the couple. What a way to spend Thanksgiving and show what you’re truly thankful for.

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