This Bad Lip Reading of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Is Ridiculous

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  • Yoda
  • Okay so Bad Lip Reading videos are usually pretty weird but this is just ridiculous. For instance, sometimes the popular YouTube channel covers stuff like the presidential debates, which is still arguably a little silly.

    The latest video, however, features the Star Wars characters Yoda and Luke Skywalker while they are doing Luke’s training in Dagobah swamp. But… it would appear that they aren’t discussing his Jedi Knight training at all! Something about Yoda being attacked by some seagulls on a beach…? Watch for yourselves below!

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  • This guy couldn’t be happier about the video.

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  • And this screenshot.

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  • Alright, it’s actually pretty funny.

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  • Did you get anything out of that? I got some seagulls, some backpacks, and some coconuts. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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