Is Cyber Monday Bigger Than Black Friday?

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  • Ah, good old Black Friday, AKA that one day of the year that the mall is open extra late (or early depending on your occupation) so that hordes of shoppers can fight each other for discounted Christmas gifts. This also happens to be the day after Thanksgiving, so all of these shoppers are most likely suffering from indigestion while they fight for their purchases. So much fun right?

    Well America decided that we might as well have a day just for online shopping, probably as a safety precaution as much as a sales gimmick. Enter: CYBER MONDAY, the new shopping blackout date that has seized us all. Check it out.

  • People do this kind of stuff.

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  • And then there is the sad reality for most of us.

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  • Our host Alex Farnham shares some of the biggest deals — and best jokes — about Cyber Monday in the video above. Watch it from the safety and warmth of your home or office, with no fear of being trampled!

    What do you think? Do you shop on Black Friday or on Cyber Monday? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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