Are You Smart Enough to Tackle This Ridiculously Tough Riddle?

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  • Feel like adding in a little bit of math to your day? Well, this riddle should scratch that itch. In it, a professor is trying to fly across the globe with a less than optimal tank of gas. Can you figure out how to get the professor all the way around the planet? It’s an interesting way to look at math, just like these amazing math class doodles.

    In the problem, presented by Judd A. Schorr for TEd-Ed, Professor Fukano has a 180 kiloliter tank of gas. He can fly across the globe at 1 degree per kiloliter (which means he needs a way to get to 360) and it takes six hours to fly across those 360 degrees. He’s got two assistants flying two identical planes, each able to turn around on a dime and share their fuel with other planes mid-flight, and just one airport where he can stop and refuel. How does he do it?

    You’re going to have to find out for yourself. The video explains both the problem and the solution very well, but I’m sure you, our smart readers, hardly need the explanation.

    What do you think? Were you able to solve the riddle? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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