Kristen Stewart Stars in Sultry New Rolling Stones Music Video

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  • I told you it was a day full of music. In this one, Kristen Stewart stars in the newest Rolling Stones music video. The legends of rock are back with the new album Blue and Lonesome, and the album’s single “Ride ‘Em On Down”. Blue and Lonesome is also how the Rolling Stones want Trump to feel.

    The video is quite, how do I put this. Steamy. McSteamy steamy. In it, Kristen Stewart drives through an abandoned LA to the blues-y refrains of the Stones. She also dances around a gas station. She speeds around in her car, driving through red lights. Something I don’t usually recommend, but seriously, LA is Walking Dead level abandoned in the video.

    Blue and Lonesome is a return to the blues music of the Rolling Stones’ heyday, so it makes sense that everything about the video is blue. That includes the lollipop K Stew grabs in the beginning, which dyes everything it touches blue. The car she leaves the key in is blue as well. So’s the Rolling Stones billboard Stewart drives past.

    What do you think? Who do you want to star in a sexy Rolling Stones video next? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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