People Are Losing Their Sh*t Over the ‘Westworld’ Finale

By April Newell
"These violent delights have violent ends."
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  • So Westworld’s Season Finale Was Last Night.


    THIS F*CKING SHOW. So if you’ve been watching the phenomenon that is HBO’s Westworld, you are familiar with the dystopian future featuring a theme park full of human-esque robots. Well, on last night’s season one finale, sh*t hit the fan in a big way. Season two is going to be absolutely insane.

    This isn’t the first time the show has sent us for an absolute loop, we stay #Confused.

    All of our favorite characters went through some serious stuff, and the audience (I screamed) too. Here’s a lil’ recap.

    1. We found out that the timeline with Dolores and William was not present day, and that in fact WILLIAM IS THE MAN IN BLACK and he has been coming to the park ever since looking for more to life. Dolores finds this out in the worst of ways: she is told by elder William himself while he is torturing her with the truth.

  • UGH.

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  • 2. In addition to learning the truth about William, Dolores becomes truly conscious for what could be the first time, or the millionth, depending on how many lifetimes she might have lived at this point. Before Arnold died, he programmed Dolores with the “Wyatt” serial killer cornerstone, and told her to murder all of the hosts, and himself, to prevent the park from opening. Arnold did all this because he realized that the hosts could achieve true consciousness, and to trap those beings in a park of perpetual rape and murder would be inhumane.

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  • 3. Ford acknowledges his mistake in opening the park, although it took him 35 years to do so. He decides that it is now his job to encourage the hosts to rebel, and he asks Dolores to realize who she must become. At the end of the Board Gala, which ironically is taking place in Escalante (where Teddy and “Wyatt” killed all those people) Dolores takes the pistol she used to kill Arnold, and shoots Ford in the back of the head as planned. The crowd scatters, and elder William, who is alone with a bottle of bourbon, sees all of the hosts coming out of the trees ready for war.

  • But of course, the Ford we saw get shot could have been a look-alike host?

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  • 4. Not to mention that Maeve and her army of super-hosts are wreaking havoc on the inside of Westworld’s headquarters, resulting in Maeve finally making it to the train station out of the park. At the last minute, she gets off the train, deciding to look for her “daughter”, and this is when the whole station loses power. Are they trapped in Westworld? Is this a self-contained ecosystem run by hosts now?! Also — an enlightened Bernard (who remembers shooting himself) tells Maeve that someone has programmed her escape… that her rebellion is not her own after all, but just another program. Maeve refuses to believe this, but in light of Ford’s suicide via Dolores, it seems that he might have been in control all along.

    Can I just say….. WOW.

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  • Evan Rachel Wood posted this cute Tweet.

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    She also said that “season one was a great prequel to the show” meaning that the real Westworld probably is just a battle between the hosts and the humans!


    Well, we have to wait two more years until Season 2 comes out… which is going to be a long, long break. Plenty of time for re-watching and fan theories!

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