Does David Blaine Even Do Magic?

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  • David Blaine was on The Tonight Show earlier this week. He did some magic, including tricks we’ve already discussed, like spitting frogs out of his mouth.

    Let me start with this: I’m not a huge fan of magic. The Magic Castle is not something I’ve even ever contemplated going to. I also am not a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon. So this is a heavily biased post.

    I am a fan of Super Deluxe though. I love it so much. It is quite possibly my favorite YouTube channel, and a good majority, if not all of the reason, is Vic Berger — the man behind this latest video.

    Here’s everything I love about this video: Tarik Trotter’s (aka Black Thought) seriousness every time Berger cuts back to him. The fact that I’m left unsure as to whether David Blaine actually even attempted magic. That Jimmy Fallon is shown laughing at nothing. He’s dying for literally no reason.

    What do you think? Did you love the video too? Is David Blaine a magician or just a damned charlatan? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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