Honest Trailers Dropped a ‘Suicide Squad’ Bomb

By April Newell
It's pretty accurate, TBH.
  • DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ received a lot of mixed reviews, but if you still haven’t watched it, here’s a trailer for what it’s really like.

  • It’s no secret that superhero fans had a lot of feelings about DC’s Suicide Squad. The critics HATED it, a lot of fans said “meh”, and some people actually loved it. To be fair, the soundtrack is pretty alright. And you’re definitely a fan of that Twenty One Pilots song, you know the one.

    Anyway, here is an Honest Trailer of the movie, by well, Honest Trailers. The YouTube channel has been churning out the videos lately, so it makes sense that they’d go after one of the most mocked movies of 2016 just as the year closes out.

    Check out the Honest Trailer below:

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • The Twittersphere is seeming to love it!

    Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • And so do the Screen Junkies!

    Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • What do you think? I’m personally a Marvel fan, so DC is usually pretty ‘meh’ for me. Let us know if you thought the Honest Trailer was accurate in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.