This Reverend Plays — and Shoots — a Guitar Made Out of a Shotgun

By April Newell
Three string guitars never seemed so deadly!
  • Here’s a pic of Rev. Peyton from his Instagram with his horse!

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  • This is Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band. He does things with guns ‘n’ guitars. Maybe his gun creation isn’t quite as cool as the Slow Mo Guys shooting a machine gun through a spinning propellor, but it’s pert near close.

    The three string Guitgun was conceived by Rev. Peyton and custom made by his friend Bryan Fleming, an expert custom pickup designer. (He hand wound the pickup for it, according to their YouTube post.)

    Check out the video of Rev. Peyton’s Guitgun in action below:

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  • Now isn’t that SOMETHING? Gotta give him credit though, it’s pretty neat.

  • Of course, some people claim it is the “most American thing” they’ve ever seen.

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  • And here’s a lil GIF of the guitar gun firing.

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  • Maybe this is the most American thing ever. It seems like a week of extremes, as we’ve already covered the most Australian thing ever, so why not get American while we’re at it?

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