The first trailer for 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', Spider-Man's first outing in the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, is here, and the trailer has plenty of surprises in store.
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  • At long last— Spider-Man is back where he belongs! The Marvel Universe at large! Fans have been expectant and excited for this younger, more neurotic version of the wall crawler to get his own film ever since they witnessed his unbelievable derring-do in Captain America: Civil War. We weren’t convinced at first, but when we saw him in action we knew we couldn’t wait for the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer.

  • There is much to love in this. Tom Holland being generally weird, Robert Downey Jr. suiting up as Tony Stark yet again, Michael Keaton playing a more terrifying “bird-man” as The Vulture, and whole slew of great supporting characters including Ganke — a supporting character from the comics making his cinematic debut.

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  • Tom Holland came on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a slew of Spider-Men to premiere this thing and— I gotta tell you— that’s what makes Spider-Man so great! He truly is the people’s superhero! Here’s hoping he stops The Vulture in this movie! You never know how these superhero fights will go! They look dangerous!

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