Bryan Cranston dropped by SNL, bringing his classic Breaking Bad character for a sketch about Trump's cabinet picks.

  • A psychopathic power hungry mad man who went from being a powerless joke to a terrifying force whose ineptitude and drive destroys everyone around him. Could we be talking about Donald Trump or Breaking Bad’s Walter White?

    SNL combined both in their last episode as Trump hires Walter White to be in charge of the DEA, as a commentary on how Trump’s department picks seem created to undermine the agencies they’re a part of. Bryan Cranston dropped by, playing his beloved character, gleefully discussing his past with Steve Bannon and how he’s excited about the wall to keep meth from coming into the country.

    He also mentions he faked his own death!?!? Is this continuity!? Guys, we’re dealing with Trump right now, we can’t deal with the possibility that Walter White didn’t [spoiler alert] die in the end of Breaking Bad! Guys, come on!

    What did you think of the sketch? Is Walter White’s cameo gratuitous or is it the perfect commentary on an already troubled administration? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.