RIP Alan Thicke – Writer, Composer, Actor

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  • Writer of beloved theme songs including The Facts of Life, Different Stokes and an actor on such television programs as Growing Pains. He is best remembered for his warm paternal energy on the program.

    Alan Thicke got his start writing and producing for Norman Lear on the program Fernwood Tonight. He went on two host two programs, The Alan Thicke Show and In The Thicke of the Night with his warm sense of humor and familiar tone.

  • Father-Son Chat with Alan Thicke

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  • Alan Thicke spent the latter part of his career hosting shows including The Disney Christmas Park Day Parade and The Miss USA Pageant. In recent years, he’s taken on a somewhat cult icon figure, and was used brilliantly for both his comedic prowess and his unlikely skills as a cultural icon in such shows at Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job and Funny or Die sketches. He is survived by his son Robin Thicke, the celebrity singer behind Blurred Lines. Alan Thicke will be remembered by both fans of comedy and 80’s sitcoms alike. An American original.

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