So Why Are Instagram Celebs Tagging Their Photos as Singapore?

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  • Singapore — or at least the geotagging of Singapore — is now the place where Instagram dreams are made. Sort of. More and more, people have been geotagging their photos taken in the United States as having been taken in Singapore, including King Bach, Dan Bilzerian, Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny.

    Heck, just a quick scan of the Singapore, Singapore geotag location sees a lot of people maybe not being completely truthful about where they are.

    Heck look at this guy! He’s been lambasted hardcore for trying to claim this photo of him in Disneyland in SoCal was taken in Singapore. Come on buddy! How could ya!

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  • Some claim this trick makes videos and photos come to the top of the of the feed since Singapore does not yet have the algorithm that American Instagram has. But, according to Mic many others have no idea why it works! Although, this YouTube video seems to have some theories…

  • Meanwhile, anyone looking for gorgeous photos of Singapore has to tread through your awful American memes! It’s a mess I tell ya, a mess!

    What do you think? Is this gaming of the system ridiculous superstition, brilliant gaming of the system, or just a big mess? Let us know at @WhatsTrending. This is Alex from Singapore, signing off!

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