After much buzz, Nintendo released its long awaited new app -- Super Mario Run!
  • Get your red hat and stylish blue overalls on! Super Mario Run is here! After Poke’mon Go and MiiTomo delighted iPhone users, Nintendo has at long last released its latest app — Super Mario Run! And already the game is causing equal joy and controversy as the game proved to be a lot less free than originally believed.

    Super Mario Run! was announced, fans were salivating to be able to play the world’s more popular plumber on the go. The game has unique mechanics as you only control Mario’s jumps as he runs on his own, making the game once world famous for its simplicity even simpler. Many are excited about it, with even Academy Award Brie Larson jumping in on the fun.

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  • I downloaded the game, and I am loving it. It’s fantastic, right down to this story that improves easily on the Mario model.

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  • After the first three levels it costs $9.99 to play the game, and while many balk at this….

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  • … many others are forking over the money to play Mario on the go. The game is currently only available for iOS, and while Android users may be anxious, Nintendo announced that the game is coming to the platform very soon.

  • So how are you feeling about Super Mario Run? Was it worth the wait? Is it worth the price? Is this an amazing app? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.