Please Don’t Make Mariah Carey Know Who Ariana Grande Is

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  • Imagine writing the perfect Christmas song. You’ve slaved away at your trade, you’ve worked your fingers to the bone, and now you can raise your head and gaze at your work in awe and whisper to yourself, “I never have to know who Demi Lovato is ever again.” If you’ve felt that way and accomplished such a thing, than you can understand Mariah Carey.

    As the Christmas season approaches, Mariah Carey is making the talk show circuit, landing on Watch What Happens Live!, a show that has an exclamation mark in the title where she played Does She Know Her? where the hosts ask if she knows certain more modern luminaries of pop music in this Bravo Video.

    Dear reader. She did not.

    A lot of stars got a small conversation here and there, but Ariana Grande and J. Lo just got a “no”. But honestly, Mariah Carey is an adult, stop making her know who Ariana Grande is! When you make the perfect Christmas song, you can know of whomever you want too!

    The whole episode is wild, with the music legend throwing shade at Demi Lovato and praising up on Beyonce, as any normal thinking being would. Here’s the Demi Lovato video below.

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