And That’s Why We Call It The Cat Bath Rap

Portland Rapper Moshow gave us the one thing we never knew we needed -- raps about cats!
By Alex Firer
  • So the above video — the above cartoonishly adorable video, has been floating across Twitter for the last few days and it is ridiculously fun. Above, Portland rapper Moshow bathes with his cat Ravioli, rapping to it about the joys of bathtime. But there’s more to this ridiculously adorable duo than just this clip shows. Go to Moshow’s YouTube channel (iammoshow) and you will find a treasure trove of an adorable man writing adorable raps for his very great cats. Here is his video for Cat Emotions —

  • Here he is plugging adopting a pet from the Oregon Humane Society—

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  • And here’s just a video about loving cats.

  • In an increasingly negative world this is what we sort of need — just a bunch of rap songs about a guy who loves his sweet little kitties! Baww!

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