Can Liam Neeson pull off a non moody Santa on "The Late Show"? Answer-- nah. But it's fun!

  • Liam Neeson is known to us know as a brooding and dangerous man who will stop at nothing to make those who have wronged him pay wether he’s Bryan Mills in the Taken movies, Ra’s Al Ghul in the Dark Knight trilogy and also Bad Cop from The Lego Movie. But can this world famous super tough guy take on the role of Santa Claus?

    He can certainly try at least it in this Late Show Sketch! Watch the world famous man of danger embrace Santa’s more terrifying authoritarian traits. Without the gifts Santa is and always will be — a terrifying surveillance lord who lives alone and judges who is good and who is evil. Oh actually this movie sounds great. Leave the sketch Liam Santa, and come with me to a world of amazing high concept cinema!

    Liam Neeson was there to promote his new film Silence, which looks bananas good. Yet,, without a tough talking Santa it will always be second best even if it’s perfect! Liam Santa! Come to us!

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