Man Gets Bit By Most Poisonous Ant On Purpose, Compels Us All

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  • What is this genre of “how bad can I get hurt by an animal?” I don’t know if any of this is healthy, but damn — that guy got bit by a lot of ants, huh??? Nature is bananas!

    On this episode of Brave Wilderness, our host Coyote Peterson goes and prepares for the bit of the bullet ant— the ant with the most painful bite on record. He prepares himself for it by getting bitten by increasingly more painful ants to get himself prepared and — look, you should watch this thing. When he finally gets bitten by the bullet ants, the pain seems ludicrous. Apparently it lasts 24 hours, feels like getting shot by a bullet, but the most impressive thing is Coyote is somehow narrating this whole thing while excruciating toxins float throw his veins.

    At one point he says, “I’m in for one wild day” which is like— 100% true, he is in for one wild day. Because he let himself be purposefully bitten by the bullet ant. Wild stuff. In the end he teases he will get bitted by an insect with an even more painful bite, the “warrior wasp”. Coyote — I salute your willingness to get bitten by a ton of bugs in the service of discovery. Thank you, Coyote.

    What do you think, would you let yourself get bitten by the bullet ant? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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