Bold Teen Fashion Icon Matches Drinks With His Shirts Every Day

Caught by a classmate, a high school student matched his shirt with his sports drink every day as the true avatar of fashion he is.
By Alex Firer
  • Think of the true fashion heroes of our era. The styles of David Bowie. The avant garde examples set by Andy Warhol. And now there is one more name to add to this hyper stylish soup. This high school student, as chronicled by his classmate who manages to do the glorious. The unthinkable. The shocking. And the stylish.

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  • This young man. This bold fashion icon. Has managed to match his shirts with his drinks for the entirety of the school year. The drinks— they look like a mixture of various Gatorades and sports drinks, each one lovingly cradled in an all-purpose ‘Fiji’ bottle — with a few variations are matched lovingly with the clothing of the student’s choice. An orange gatorade has found its match in a long sleeve orange sweater. A blue energy drink has found a bold black and blue ensemble and a red drink has found a friend in a wonderful red ensemble.

    This is what the country needs. More goofy fashion statements, more, more wee need them, more!

    But what did Twitter have to say? I can only wonder…

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  • Wait! Wait! It’s incoming! An update from the artist himself! Wait!

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