The SNL Crew Makes Changing A Set A Work Of Art

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  • Remember last week’s SNL — with that incredible opening with John Goodman as Rex Tillerson, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Beck Bennett as Putin? It was great! But I bet you didn’t know what it was like to change up that set live on television. I bet you think it was real simple and not any work at all. Yeah, I bet you think that. Well guess what buddy! That is not the case! SNL posted the above video showing just how intense the changeover is.

    In just a minute and forty seconds they remove Trump Tower and quickly transform it into the familiar SNL stage from which so many make their monologue. As they were counting down I was sweating. Is that one guy going to arrange those flowers in time!? Is that big wall going to be moved!? It did and was!

    All in all this is ridiculously impressive. SNL’s behind the scenes crew are its unsung heroes, and watching them arrange the set in time is like watching a master violinist play a concerto.

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