Here Are The Stupidest YouTube Challenges Of 2016

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  • Another year over and another year of very very stupid challenges is behind us! We counted the best videos of the year, now let’s count down the dumbest and most challenging of them all with Shira Lazar! Watch the video above and then when you’re finished watching, go ahead and check out the list below.

    For combining the act of flipping a chair with the eternal dance craze that is “the dab”, we have Chair Flip and Dabbing.

    For delighting bored Middle Schoolers with naught but a water bottle for entertainment, we have The Bottle Flip Challenge.

    For teaching us all how to take selfies without the use of our worthless limbs, and getting us all to spend extra money for a new screen at the Apple Store the Hands Free Selfie Challenge is celebrated by those of us who love shattered screens!

    For teaching us how to test our limits with both 100 layers of make up and 100 pieces of clothes, we have the 100 Layers Challenge. Please get your 100 shades of lipstick and 100 shirts in order.

    You wanna put 100 pens on your person!? Because the 100 Pens Challenge is here just for you, you crazy weirdo!

    Then, you can bring out your inner silent film comedian by seeing if you can slip on a banana peel with the Banana Peel Challenge. Falling down is a very great challenge.

    Then, do you want to eat a pepper ridiculously hotter than even the jalapeño then see what happens? Well then go ahead, take the Hottest Pepper Challenge, why not!

    And look, the Duct Tape Challenge, the challenge wear you try to escape being duct taped to a chair like some kind of home made Houdini— resulted in a kid from the hospital. So we should say — don’t do any of these challenges because you might end up in the hospital! There we go! Don’t do the ones where you fall down and junk! Not good!

    Finally an honorable mentioned went to the Chuck E. Cheese Challenge which didn’t catch on, but it is very cool! Come on! It’s people mechanically dancing to Childish Gambino’s Redbone! What more could anyone want??

    What do you think of our list? Any we missed? Any that are actually smart, thank you very much? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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