A Man Gets Attacked by a Cat and Other Christmas 2016 Memories

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  • Another Christmas is over and done with, good and gone. The gift wrapping is sitting in a big trashcan. The tree is looking wistful and you’re drinking a hot cocoa and looking at it with love. And the Christmas videos of people getting gifts have littered the internet like so much tinsel floating downstream after the tinsel truck dumped it out to make room for way more tinsel.

    First things first, look I promised you something in the headline and I intend to make good on it! Here indeed is a man being attacked by his cat for screaming too loud while unboxing a video game system!

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Beautiful. He got very very hurt, but you know. Cats are very funny. Up next, here is a modern Gift of the Magi, that classic O’Henry tale where a woman shaves her hair off to buy her husband watch polish only to find out he sold his watch to buy her a comb— but with Spongebob memes. Let’s check in.

  • Inspiring. Two sisters, sharing the same set of Spongebob references. I love it.

    What do we have up next? Is it possible? Something inspiring!?

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Ohhh. It’s beautiful. He’s been working on those characters for so long and his girlfriend helped bring them to life! That’s so sweet!

    But enough dallying! This is a round-up! We need — nay demand!— more gift opening videos. Let’s see what we got.

    Oh no. I hope you like crying. Oh God. Here’s a video of two sisters getting teddy bears with a recording of their late grandfathers’ voice. Are you ready to watch this? No one is! But here it is anyway!

  • Ohhh jeez. Heck, here’s a reaction video to that video that also went viral.

  • Jeeeeez! What am I supposed to do here? Look for more gift round up videos!? Yes! Here’s one of a woman giving a man a blanket with a picture of her hugging him on it!

  • A perfect ending to the greatest time of the year — the round-up. See you next year! I wish I loved anything as much as you people loved this round up!

    But do you have any videos of gift opening you loved, or great memories from this Christmas? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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