Let’s Review the Trash That Was 2016 in Song With Alex Farnham

Let's sing through just how bad 2016 was in this song written and performed by Alex Farnham.
By Alex Firer

  • So that was certainly a trash year, right? Who would have thought the death of a beloved rock star would have just been the preamble to so much garbage. What kind of a year is this where a gorilla getting shot at the zoo is just the midpoint to us careening into a Donald Trump presidency? Luckily, our own Alex Farnham has us covered in this 2016 in Song review. Perfect for sitting with your family and reflecting over just how truly heinous the last 12 months have been. Hell, there’s a few days still left. What do you have for us, last few days of 2016? I hope this isn’t just a build up to 2017. I can’t handle anymore dead gorillas. Or Trumps. There are no Trumps in 2017, right? Right!?!?

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