The Spill Meme Has A Very Important Messages

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  • You never know when a new meme will strike, spilling into our public consciousness, making a mess of the internet wherever you see, but always saying something important about our culture — nay, spelling out where we are, who we are, and who we will be going forward. This is what makes a good meme. And I have very good news.

    The Spill Meme is literally all of that.

    Folks on the internet are spilling things left and right, only to find, to their shock, the spills spell out messages! Messages of hope! Fear! Longing! Pain! Check it out here!

  • Beautiful. The whole thing sort of resembles a Far Side cartoon of a desert island. When the denizens of it spill all their coconuts or rocks to ask for help. Sometimes I spill all my ink and write a sentence. This whole thing is a result of me spilling a box of HTML and making a blog entry.

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