Are J.Lo and Drake… Dating!?

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  • Are Drake and JLo dating!? That is the question on everyone’s lips after Drake and JLo both posted matching Instagram photos of the duo in a flirtatious embrace. Check them out below.

  • Of course, this doesn’t say for sure whether they’re dating or not. They might just be friends who like to hug and take matching attention grabbing Instagrams of them flirtatiously hugging, as all friends like to do. Why, subtly hinting at a romantic relationship is what all friends have done since the beginning of time. People Magazine got a quote from a ‘source’, saying – “They seem to really like and respect each other, but it’s early. Where it goes, we shall see. Friends of them both are hoping it becomes something, but it’s too early to say more than that.” So it is written — one of Drake and J.Lo’s friends casually uses the word shall.

    Meanwhile, what of Drake’s ex, Rhianna? Well, the superstar, according to BET, unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram. Hmm. What’s Trending really needs its own “who unfollowed who” department. It will be our biggest department, with 45 people for every single social media platform, yes I can see it now…

    Of course, we’d be fools to ignore the oh so many videos of Drake staring lovingly at J.Lo., as catalogued in some of these tweets.

  • Hey, Mr/Mrs. Source wasn’t messing around! There’s something there.

    So what do you think about Drake and Rhianna’s flirty Instagram announcements? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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