Cat Escapes Christmas Gift, Fools All

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  • So we did our Christmas gift opening round up, where we saw a cat attack a man. But I know the viewers at home, they are unsatisfied with one mere cat getting the best of Christmas. “Nay!”, you declared, “I want to see a cat hurt more people! Maybe some feelings? Maybe a child’s feelings? Yes yes, that would delight me quite nicely, yes!”

    Alright, weirdo. Witness above — two videos for the price of one view! You get to see both a kid unbox a cat— allowing you to react to the joy of watching a kid get a kitten for Christmas, and you get to see an animal doing something weird and clever! In this case, escaping the gift, making the child think she’s received an empty box! I don’t say this a lot. But this is a four quadrant video — with the four quadrants being kids, cats, Santas and moms. Someday I will edit the ultimate four hour long weird Christmas gift opening movie. But today — just this cat!

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