Congrats Guys: YouTuber Is Now A Word In The Dictionary

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  • The English language is an ever evolving thing. What words we honored once before– grow old and worthless with the passage of time, and must be replaced by the new. No longer can we call a creator a YouTube a Good Video-Boy as we did in ages past. Nay. Such an action is rude. Disrespectful. Not honoring everything that a man who recorded himself talking into a camera online as he unboxes a Yoshi Amiibo has done. No, the English Language must rise to the occasion. It must provide us with the full utility worthy of our needs. We demand, what shall we call a video boy today! And so the dictionary spoke to us.


    The word YouTuber has been added to the dictionary. Weep with joy friends. Gaze upon these golden leafed pages. Now, when a child looks up the career of a PewDiePie, a Casey Neistat or a Grace Helbig, no longer will they flip through the dictionary with want in their heart. It’s a better world.

    But seriously, how cool is it that on the 10th Anniversary of YouTube coming into existence, it’s become such a part of our universe it’s in the Oxford English Dictionary. I think. It’s. Pretty great.

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