China’s Trump Rooster Statue Only Fun Thing About Trump

By Alex Firer
A Seattle based artist designed this goofy statue of Trump as a bird to celebrate the Chinese year of the rooster.
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  • Ugh, it seems these days you just can’t escape Donald Trump, and of course you literally could not escape him if he was 23 feet tall. Some kind of half bird/half Trump hybrid that — much like Trump stomps all over Chinese diplomacy— stands about China like some kind of terrible beast. Well what if I told you that giant Trump chicken was real, but was actually delightful.

    Wonder no more! A giant sculpture of Trump as a rooster made its home in Taiyuan, China over this week and it looks great. The statue was commissioned by China as part of a celebration of the Chinese Year of the Rooster. The thing is made of fiberglass and was designed by Seattle based artist, Casey Latiolais who has this to say on Twitter.

  • Lovely. You know, as comedians and artists wonder what the best way to mock Trump is, this guy just puts Trump’s face on a silly animal. Maybe that’s enough. His constant scowl is already enough of a weird thing that just putting it on something that doesn’t self importantly scowl and pontificate kind of says it all.

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