Carrie Fisher Honored With Lightsaber Vigil

Fans honored the late Star Wars actress with a lightsaber vigil in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, with Alamo Drafthouses to follow suit.
By Alex Firer
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  • We here at What’s Trending are still smarting over the death of Carrie Fisher. Wether you’re a fan of strong personalities, a fan of amazing writing, or just a fan of Star Wars, it’s been hard to express the bitterness we’ve felt over her passing away.

    A few Star Wars fans in Los Angeles felt the same, and did what they could, holding a lightsaber vigil in Downtown Disney. Fans came dressed as their favorite character and brought lightsaber toys to hold in lieu of candles. The event was organized by a fan named Jeff Rowan, who said “I thought it was a very fitting way to say goodbye” in an interview with a local CBS affiliate.

    Meanwhile, the Alamo Drafthouse chain of theaters has announced they plan to also hold lightsaber vigils, encouraging any and all comers to dress as however they would like, bring a toy lightsaber or— barring that— a flashlight or glowstick — and honor the actress by paying homage to her most famous role.

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