PewDiePie Purposefully Makes the Third Most Hated Video on YouTube

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  • PewDiePie, in his latest video demanded one million likes, and lo and behold the creator got them, becoming, as of today, the third most disliked video on YouTube, behind a Call of Duty trailer and Justin Bieber’s Baby.

    It’s weird, is PewDiePie becoming a modernist? An artist who explores the limits of his craft? Is he like Marcel Duchamp writing “R. Mutt” on a urinal and calling it art? Sorta. As PewDiePie grows bigger and bigger, and more and more frustrated with the uncertainty of the YouTube algorithm he’s becoming more and more experimental in his work. We remember his stunt, for example, where he sold his YouTube Play Button or when he threatened to end his YouTube channel when he reached fifty million subscribers, playing the media and hype rather effectively.

    Now he’s back with another stunt, attempting to find hate instead of love, and demanding one million dislikes on his video after a “phone call” with Google makes him realize the like/dislike button is meaningless. He then attempts to create the most loathsome video he can and— yeah it’s pretty annoying. He’s riding around this stuffed orange animal for much of the video. It’s awful. Great job PewDiePie! The video right now rests at 2.5 million dislikes and hey, I’m going to add mine too. Why not. I want this video to go into dislike legend. Watch out, Justin Bieber’s Baby! Here comes… YouTube audience experimentation!

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