Japanese Model Poses Through Any Embarrassment

In a viral video floating around YouTube, a Japanese model remains steadfast to looking great, regardless of the cost.
By Alex Firer
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • We are all dedicated to our work. Our craft. Wether you’re a YouTube Creator courting fails, a man trying to build the perfect Donald Trump chicken statue, or a super sexy model, each of have to get in the zone before we work. Nothing will break us out. Not sleet, nor hail, nor absolute embarrassment as I’m alternating between all my super cool poses before a photographer just trying to catch my best side.

    Look, I’m going to spoil this. His big dumb pants fall down and a big dumb pants puller has to come up and pull up his big dumb pants while he just stands there looking real cool.

    It’s a great viral video. It goes back to a golden age where some weirdly timed embarrassment was enough to get someone to YouTube fame and eventually appear in some ironic YouTube round-up. Japanese Super Model, you may have began as a paragon of sexiness, now you are the most pride filled fail man in human history. Congratulations. My respect sir, goes out to you.

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