2016 Had Some Good

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  • It’s no secret 2016 was awful. We’ve lost so many celebrities, and also maybe our democracy? I dunno, we’ll see how the year shakes up on that. But we can’t go forward gloomy and defeated. We need some hope. We need some hope, bad. So, with the help of a few sources, here are some of the best stories of 2016. Stories that are big, stories that are great, and stories that are inspiring.

    For example did you know we narrowly avoided panda extinction this year? That’s right, pandas are no longer endangered! Now when you have to describe this nightmare of a time we’re living in, make sure to also add “but at least there were pandas”.

    Also, remember when the Cubs won the World Series? That was great right? The Cubs won the World Series for the first time in ages! Sure, it was like— a week before the election, but still!

    Plus look who got sick of waiting for us to heal it and started doing it on its own!

  • Haha! You go little o-zone hole! Oh look! A meme did actual good!

  • Plus, Elon Musk wanted to take us to Mars this year! I think we’ll need that right? Plus, if that fails, according to him we’re living in the matrix, so whatever guys! We’ll be fine! We’re in a computer program, we’re fiiiine!

    Babies, thanks for reading What’s Trending this year and we hope next year is a lot more pleasant.

    Do you have any good memories or 2016? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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