Was Mariah Carey’s Botched Performance… Sabotage?

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  • I’m sure we’ve all seen it by now… Mariah Carey’s bizarre botched New Year’s Eve performance that showed that the cruelty of 2016 had some surprises up its sleeve yet!

    The performance was one where Mariah Carey stopped singing, walked around the stage anxiously, and at one point when lip synching was pumped in, failing to lip synch to a song, not caring that it’s as blatant as possible. It was a bizarre thing for both live television, and for the consummate pro that is Mariah Carey and look — I don’t want this story to be over.

    And friends. I got my wish! Mariah Carey had this statement on her performance, as quoted from Billboard, that the reason for the on-stage madness was her earpiece, which allowed her to hear the music, wasn’t working, wondering why they played that feed for the West Coast, and if there was more involved, saying: “I asked him why would they want to run a performance with mechanical glitches unless they just want eyeballs at any expense… It’s not artist-friendly, especially when the artist cut her vacation short as a New Year’s Eve gift to them.”

    This was, of course, following her first, very perfect, response.

  • Dick Clark Productions, which was involved with the festivities, denied any wrongdoing, stating their professional credentials, although Mariah Carey is right. Why did they run the performance on the West Coast? Still, I thought it was a masterpiece. You think I watched any of the garbage performances that worked? Heck no! But I watched this Mariah Carey thing like eight times and all I’m coming away with is Mariah Carey’s strong personality is greater than any musical work that could imaginably be. Dealing with that level of insane stress too and she handled it better than I imagine anyone could — with brilliant aplomb. Maybe the one career made somehow more legendary due to being caught lip synching. And hey, the New York Times seems to agree!

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