Ariana Grande Is In A Video Game Now!

Ariana Grande is set to be placed into 'Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius', the mobile game set in the popular fantasy universe.
By Alex Firer
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  • Once in a while, the two realms of pop culture overlap and the perfect middle is reached. A glowing, glorious middle ground that represents everything all worlds could love. A uniter amongst all humanities. So I bring this news to you with pride: Ariana Grande is going to become a Final Fantasy character.

    Silence your cries of joy great nation! Silence thy cries of joy!

  • The pop-star unveiled her avatar for the free to play iPhone and Android game – Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius— and it looks like Ariana Grande is going to be a character you fight in it. She’s dressed in her rabbit outfit from the cover of Dangerous Woman, and now I’m going to include two paragraphs, one for nerds, one for not nerds.

    For Nerds: Does this mean that the pop singer shall exist in either the Final Fantasy past or the Final Fantasy future? What means this for the Chocobo population, and shall she side with Vision or Lapis — and what power hold the crystals, ask I!?

    For Non Nerds: Oh cool, that’s interesting! I hope she sings, haha!

    Final Fantasy is a game that’s existed for ages, defined the video game industry, and seeing something as modern as Ariana Grande in it is a legitimately surreal experience.

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