Pet-Revenge! Man Wakes Up Dog With Video Of Dog’s Own Snores

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  • In the endless war between man and pet, we have another delightful viral video showcasing a human being getting revenge on his companion animal! Israeli comedian Tal Solomon played a video from his phone of his dog snoring— to his dog as it was sleeping. It woke the poor little animal up!

    Tal! How could you! You think the dog can change the way it snores? The dog doesn’t even have thumbs! It can’t do anything! But boy do we love a good video of humans and pets goofing, or as we call it— the war betwixt man and beast! How can we forget the video of the who got revenge on his cat by waking it up at night, just as the cat has awakened him. And of course, but on Christmas day no less, we have this violent cat attacking a noisy gift opening human.

    For as long as the internet shall live, videos of pets goofing on humans and humans goofing on pets shall never bore us. Meanwhile, we all know the real winner here — it’s Tal! He has two video of pets snoring on his phone! Way to go, Tal!

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