Hot Topic Customer Asks Cashier For Soul, Makes Friend

This guy really takes buying a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt to a new level.
By Alex Firer
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  • We all have our ideas about the kind of person who shops at Hot Topic. A moody goth, or a 14 year old kid looking for a studded Tim Burton themed belt to prove they’re a little edgier than their peers might think. Or, third option, a dark wizard here to steal the souls of those who use powers without sanction. Or at least that’s what the viral video, recorded discreetly by a Hot Topic employee, might suggest.

    The customer, a self described time wizard, talks like a cross between a shaggy 1970’s fantasy novel and a video game cut-scene, speaking of his father who has given up the power upon giving birth to him, and how he shall take the soul of the Hot Topic employee, as the employee offers up a very friendly, “Oh my goodness” and tells him how— yeah, that makes sense that he would bind his soul and take his power. All in all, a delightful video.

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